Ponomo is a music producer and the first ever songwriter signed to Conspiracy Global Publishing. He is also the founder and CEO of Conspiracy Global Publishing, Conspiracy Music Group and Dope Material Magazine.

Ponomo specializes in hip-hop production, dance production and film scoring. He has advanced knowledge in Ableton Live, FL Studio, MPC and slew of iPad production apps including DM1 and Beatmaker.

Ponomo has been in the music industry for over ten years producing hits for up and coming acts in the New York Tri State Area. Through his love and passion for music, he launched his own record label, Conspiracy Music Group and an online magazine, Dope Material Magazine.

As of 2014, he put on the artist hat and started to release his own musical material. Ponomo is known the world over for smash hits such as “Last Night In Ibiza” and “International Incident” and albums such as “The Musical Awakening” and “The Curation”. It was through his experiences as an artist that he decided to start Conspiracy Global Publishing. He wanted to equip producers, artists and songwriters with all the tools needed for success.

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Jenny J. Nam

Jenny J. Nam is a jazz/pop pianist, composer and songwriter. She hails from Seoul, South Korea and resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Jenny has been in the music industry for over 12 years. Some of her career accolades include composing and arranging several songs for TV commercials in South Korea – such as for Samsung, LG, and The Welfare Administration of  the South Korean Government, arranging several songs for K-pop stars such as Jung-hoon Kim, Crazy Milk and Hyewon Park and performing for several Broadway musicals such as “Fame,” “Rent,” and “The Funny Thing on the Way Forum” as a main Keyboardist.

In addition to having 12 years of music industry experience, she also teaches in the field of Commercial Music. Since she moved to the US, she has worked at the Media City of Music School in Glendale, CA. and the Louie Piano Studio in South Pasadena, CA as the lead instructor in Jazz and Pop piano, composition, and music theory.

As a versatile artist, she finally decided to get out of the shell and release her first album “When Autumn Comes” in November 2016. It’s available worldwide in all digital music outlets.


Akira Komatsu

Akira Komatsu is a film composer and musician hailing from Tokyo, Japan and currently based in Los Angeles, California. Akira specializes in film composing. He was trained at the illustrious Waseda University in Tokyo and the groundbreaking Musician Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. He received the GIT Human Relation Award at his Musician Institute of Technology graduation. This recipient of this award is chosen via popular vote by all students of the graduating class.

Akira later took his studies and went to the other side of the desk to become a teacher. He taught in the Musician Institute of Technology in Tokyo. He offered courses in ear training, music theory and score reading.

Akira’s compositions have been featured in “Precure”, a very popular children’s anime show produced by Bandai Co, Ltd, Japan Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China (supervised by Naoto Yamakawa, a prominent Japanese film director) and other high end projects. The music Akira has composed for film, commercials, TV, radio and multiple artistic video production works, has won several awards at film festivals.

Akira also loves playing live music and meeting people at his performances. Akira’s hope is to meet various kinds of talented people from all over the world to create art with, and thereby make new and unpredictable things happen that bring joy to audiences worldwide.

World…watch out for Akira Komatsu!!!